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Efforts have been made to provide the Afghan community with comprehensive Islamic, educational, health and education publications, and have done a great deal on the basis of their ability in terms of quality, standards, progress and in the area of radio development since the official launch of radio broadcasts. It’s interpreting and translating, teaching and learning the themes of schools in other sectors, it tracks weekly and monthly live programs for listening to the scientific and Islamic parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and has always been asked to do so in addition to teaching the Holy Qur'an. Although the scholars and the needs of the people of the community, the Office of Education did not focus solely on these programs and publications.


It took another step and in the month of 1389 Hijri Shamsi founded a monthly magazine in Pashto (Islamic Republic of Iran) in the field of teaching and inviting with the help of the Great Almighty. Voice of Islam Radio broadcast from Kandahar to most parts of the world after a short time and on demand, through the Internet. And they have responded to the important demand of the people who have been struggling for a long time through the Internet. Voice of Islam official website address is


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