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As a group of FM radio channels, AIR FM Rainbow channels broadcast across India. Although the group of stations was previously called FM Metro, the name was changed to FM Rainbow in 2002. As the group is run by All India Radio or AIR, a government-owned enterprise, it features Hindi and regional language songs, while also playing English music and providing hourly news in English, regional language and/or Hindi. FM Rainbow broadcasts in Hindi to more than 12 districts of Madhya Pradesh and 21 Bhopal City suburbs in Bhopal. More than any of the other FM Rainbow, AIR FM Rainbow Delhi airs in as many as ten cities. It’s not only to their strong FM signals that carry transmissions to numerous villages in addition to urban areas but also to FM Rainbow's commitment to providing diverse programming Rainbow stations are widely accessible.


On the other hand, Rainbow FM stations play ghazals, soundtracks, and a variety of programs featuring Western music, both Popular Music and Classical Music. Apart from these, some such programs is "Time Out," "Take Off," "Footloose," and "Wicked Hour." In order to suit the changing listener profile, the presentation style became fast-paced and informal. Chennai FM Rainbow official address is


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Air Fm Rainbow