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When FM frequency licenses were auctioned in March 2000 the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) had been given a frequency for educational broadcasting in each of the 40 cities.


As a media cooperative with the day-to-day programs being contributed by various educational institutions, NGOs, government and semi-government organizations, UN agencies, ministries, Gyan Vani stations operate. Since each Gyan Vani station has a range of about 60 km, it covers an entire city including the adjoining rural areas. Moreover, the medium of broadcast in English, Hindi or language of the region while it uses stereophonic FM transmitters and professionals operate the radio stations. From Indira Gandhi National Open University's (IGNOU) Electronic Media Production Centre, each nodal center is provided.


Also, the center serves purposes of production, dissemination, and transmission of educational material with media from Indira Gandhi National Open University's (IGNOU) Electronic Media Production Centre. Although a memorandum of understanding was signed between IGNOU and Prasar Bharati to share the towers, as of 2013 there are 37 stations functioning, the original concept of localized broadcasts has been given a go by and most of them are relaying the Delhi programs. Besides, it has spread to 37 cities and towns across the country.



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Gyan Vani