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Arakozia FM is one of the 24-hour head Afghan talk radio, which was established in October 2010. The radio station was set up with the expectation to furnish Pashtun groups along with a la mode data that resounds with their lives and everyday needs inside the setting of administration and common society. They have gone ahead to joy from that point forward instruct audience members and shows investigating daily premiums like cooking, stimulation, sonnets, sports, music, neighborhood government, races, farming, little organizations and wellbeing and so forth. Also, it’s turning into the voice of the Pashtun groups in this manner. 

Arakozia is accessible on 90.3 FM and the old name of the locale which now structures Southern and Eastern Afghanistan. It’s not only bringing you all the latest music from Afghanistan but around the world presented by some of the hottest young DJs in the country. Moreover, you have options to tune in to the country's most popular radio station either on your FM dials on 98.1 or via satellite and the internet. Arakozia FM official website address is

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Arakozia FM