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BBC Pashto is one of the most popular news broadcasters of the world BBC, which has an online radio station dedicated to the listeners of Afghanistan for a very long time. As its parent radio does, the radio covers all the topics, style and info. You can enjoy all types of news, news analysis, discussion and much more for the people of Afghanistan. Listeners are worldwide with BBC Pashto. As their listeners are worldwide, more than 75 million people every month visit our Internet pages. The comprehensive review of the issues related to this radio is one of the reasons for the rise of BBC in international listeners. Apart from these, BBC has 32 languages that all spread through the internet and its publication can see the shortest wave, medium waves along with FMs in some countries. 


Besides, although initially, the Pashto whore focuses on most news and political analytics, later, they started weekly programs that were divided for youth, women, games, games, literature, and music. Three publications were also passed in 2003 and the BBC started broadcasting programs for Afghanistan with the BBC Foundation. BBC News website was published in the world's first English website in 2001, which summarized the news in the text. BBC Pashto official website address is


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BBC Pashto