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For a socially and culturally numerous audience, Radio Afghanistan proclaims its programs decorate its playlists. Radio Afghanistan declares numerous local productions in addition to the broadcast of a spread of data and entertainment programs. Moreover, contemporary affairs, culinary, cultural, enjoyment and sports activities fields are their productions and information based totally programs carries. Apart from being a free and independent radio station, it publishes the principle of neutrality in the free media of Afghanistan.


It’s aiming to create unity and integrity among the strata, the most important radio broadcasting. Also, it comes with programs for the minorities and other tribes living in the historical land of the country. Additionally, when the potential of disaster education to save human lives and protect property then enroll the media as a contributing sector in awareness raising, education and opinion building in order to increase recognition. In order to reduce their impact, it collects and disseminates and information to improve public awareness of natural disaster and the latent. Radio Afghanistan website address is


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Radio Afghanistan