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Jago FM 94.4 comes with the slogan of ‘Ebar Jago (Wake up now)’ along with ‘Enough of social pretensions’; ‘enough of propaganda's’, ‘it is high time to speak up’; ‘it is high time to raise the voice’. It’s also screaming out loud against all the odds of yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s along with letting your mind speak up, let your voice raise to the fullest. It likes to make you inspired no to remain silent and live a mediocre life. With a bunch of fresher, Jago Fm came here to raise our voice against all odds and immoral. It thinks they are you and they are youth and come and raise yourself up with us, let us be the voice of yours. 

Although they started our expedition on, 2014, they started commercial transmission from 27th October 2015. And then they have brought along our frequency on 94.4 FM. They have been on aired on, 2014 after primitive months of test transmission when they began our journey with the motto of emancipation. Through the eternal path of Music and Art by the whole of the Artists and the Pacifiers, they are bringing along all the enthusiastic vibes with them. As Jago is a platform where you can be yourself, they are not the voice of any race, any particular religion, any political party, and any particular country. Jago FM official website address is

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