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Aamar FM, which is literally meaning “My FM”, is an FM radio channel in KolkataIndia. Among a lot of Hindi FM radios, it is the only private radio station whose on-air presentation language is Bengali. And it runs with the slogan of Aamar 106.2 FM as "The Radio Station Built for Kolkata by Kolkatans". Those were designed from the input and feedback collected from extensive local research and its "FM Radio Start-Up" pre-launch campaign that are the elements heard on Aamar 106.2 FM. Apart from these, the radio programs are intended to appeal to the sophisticated, contemporary, urban Bengali listeners, who are aged between 24 and 44, in middle and upper socio-economic groups.


 Along with ranging from Bengali popular songs to the Hindi film music, Aamar 106.2FM plays music from the 1970s to today. As it is designed to be relevant to the target audience, the station reflects the wide variety and rich history of contemporary popular music produced in Kolkata and West Bengal, along with special lifestyle features, radio contests, and promotions.


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Aamar FM