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This is the Capital FM 92.4 is a Commercial Radio Station from Katmandu Valley, which was built in 2007 AD with motto “Penny Percent Yours.” step in the current situation of the world, the innovation has become so confounded and intense to get overhauled step by step. As web on this day has made the globe much smaller, the correspondence has been much simpler and helpful. It’s nothing but actually a test for the broad communications and media specialists. It is in addition to variable for the business group of Nepal and all as far and wide as possible Capital FM 92.4 as knowing the reality Capital FM is to dispatch an online radio to meet the engineering of the 21st century.


On the other hand, Gurungs have an ancient tradition of Rodhi and the young people meet, sing and dance to folk songs, and share their views. Also, sing call-and-response songs called Dohori, which are largely improvised by the young men and women at Rodhi. As some musical dances like Ghantu and Chudka are still in existence, they are still performed in many Gurung villages. Although these dances are hundreds of years old, they are performed either solo or in a group.


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Capital FM