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Broadcasting from Bharatpur, ChitwanNepal, Kalika FM is a popular radio station, provides various genres of music like Top 40/Pop and also airs news updates every hour. Where no other commercial radios media can reach, it’s very much like in different regions of Mid Nepal. Also, their program reaches its target audience because it arranges different types of programs to fit the taste of listeners having different tastes. Since Gurungs have an ancient tradition of Rodhi, young people meet, sing and dance to folk songs, and share their views. It’s largely improvised when young men and women at Rodhi often sing call-and-response songs called dohori.


In many Gurung villages, some musical dances like Ghantu and Chudka are still in existence and are still performed. These dances are not only hundreds of years old but are performed either solo or in a group. When someone in the community dies, music also plays a big role in the Gurung ritual of Argum, with the performance. Since the time of King Mana Deva (567BS/ 510 AD), Nepali classical music has a history. During the Kirat Period, Lichchavi Period, Malla Period and Shah Period as well as the Rana Period, the classical music was able to develop, improve and grow.


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Kalika FM