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Comprising of over 50 stations nationwide, Suno FM is the largest FM radio network of Pakistan. With a variety of live programs based on infotainment, entertainment, education, awareness, peace, and youth motivation blended with super hit music, it is a complete infotainment radio network broadcasting in Urdu, Waziri, Yousufzai, and Balochi languages. As their vision is to utilize Radio as a tool of awareness with good content and to create cultural harmony between all the languages and provinces of Pakistan, that is why their Nationwide and Regional programs are very popular among the audience. Exploring the best voices from all over the country, Suno FM Network believes in promoting Pakistani talent.


In order to produce quality programs and transmission for our valuable listeners, their devoted team works day and night. These all have made it one of the popular Pakistani FM radio stations that broadcast live entertainment programs round the clock and promoting Pakistan music among the population, regular programs include Urdu pop, Panjabi and western Music for the younger generation, latest films hits for housewives, and other entertaining things.


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Suno FM