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As one of the most famous online radio station, Hiru FM is live broadcasting from Sri Lanka. When it comes in the broadcasting, it starts broadcasting various kinds of latest pop, news, talk, culture, dance, music etc. As the traditional open-air drama (referred to in Sinhala as kolam, sokari or nadagam) remained the most popular form of entertainment, the earliest stars of Sri Lankan recorded music came from the theater at a time. although a 1903 album, entitled Nurthi, is the first recorded album to come out of Sri Lanka via Radio Ceylon, the station, which had long held a monopoly over Sri Lankan airwaves, had been established in 1925, and one of Sri Lanka’s pioneering broadcasters, Vernon Corea, almost immediately grasped the opportunity to introduce Sri Lankan Music on the English Services of Radio Ceylon.


However, as a consequence of arriving the drama troupe in the latter part of the 19th century, which belonged to the Elphinstone Dramatic Company of India, Nurti is a stage drama that influenced by Parasi theater. Since Nurti is the colloquial Sinhala form of the Sanskrit term “Nritya”, the music of Nurti was based on North Indian Music. While looking at Indian dramas and then John De Silva developed it and performed Ramayanaya in 1886, Don Bastian of Dehiwala introduced Nurti firstly.


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