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Based at Paris and created in 1981, RFM is a French radio station owned by Lagardère Active. After the radio station RFM was created by Patrick Meyer and started broadcasting on 6 June 1981, they were offering a musical program including mainly, including Rock, World music and French music in stereo audio. With a logo representing the 3 letters R, F, and M in the form of green, yellow and pink, its first slogan was RFM, la radio couleur (RFM, the color radio). Led by Jean-François Minne, the radio was created by the DMM France agency. RFM's founder Patrick Meyer decided to hand over the station to the English group Crown Communication, Andrew Manderstam then became the CEO and recruited Frédéric Schlesinger to ensure the national development of the network in March 1989.


RFM started a new format in September 1994, such as the best French and International Oldies from the 1960s to the 1990s. RFM TV was launched on cable and satellite on September 1999. Because Lagardère declined to renew its license agreement with AB, the chain, which declined the radio programming, was carried out under license by the AB Group. Using Real Audio, the site also provided a live stream to listen to the radio station on the Internet.



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