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If you’re thinking that we’re talking about American football then you’re in the wrong and forget about listening to baseball on the radio. As it’s a German radio station, you’re going to want to tune into a station like Sport1.FM, which combines extensive soccer game coverage with rock and contemporary music if you’re a sports fanatic looking for a radio fix. Analyzed by experts and player interviews, you can tune in for games from the Bundesliga and 2 along with Liga (national league and second division league, respectively) and international championships.


Apart from these, you can not only keep yourself updated on your favorite Füßballgötter (football gods) nut hone your knowledge of sports slang and pick up discussion material for chats with fellow fan colleagues or the guys at the local Eckkneipe (corner pub). When you start to master the nuances of German humor you’ll know your grand fluency project is really coming along. As you can get some extra practice by tuning into audio programs, it features a wide span of humor. Amusing chats with listeners plus interviews with studio guests from the comedy scene are sure to make you laugh with delight from typical talk radio banter to professional routines.


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Sport1 FM