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Qmusic previously was written as Q-music, which is a Dutch commercial radio station which has been broadcasting since August 31, 2005, and the station is owned by the Belgian media company De Persgroep. De Persgroep took on the cable and terrestrial frequencies of Noordzee FM from Talpa Radio for a symbolic sum of one Euro on July 1, 2005. It was the unconditional frequency package by John de Mol, owner of Talpa. At that time, it was not allowed to have multiple unconditional frequency packages in possession in the Netherlands. The new owners began on August 31, 2005, around 20:30, a few hours earlier than had been announced after two months with a stripped down version of Noordzee FM have gone by. When these so-called feel-good formulas with many recent hits, short presentations, a remarkable morning show, and many actions, also caught on in the Netherlands, the market share has risen significantly.


The first time it’s as the second most listened radio station in the Netherlands in October and November 2014. Qmusic won the Marconi Award for the best radio station in 2008 and 2015. Although the Flemish Qmusic is not covered by De Persgroep, it was by subsidiary Medialaan. When Qmusic used the first years of the Noordzee FM studio on the 's Gravelandseweg in Hilversum, it moved at the end of September 2009, to the former bubble-gum factory Maple Leaf on the industrial Overamstel in Amsterdam.


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