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Aimed at young people and adults, Rádio Comercial is one of the commercial radio stations in Portugal. As it has a broad format including contemporary, pop and rock music, it is among the most listened to radio stations in the country. As a subsidiary of Rádiodifusão Portuguesa, Rádio Comercial was born on March 12, 1979. Because it was the only RDP station to allow adverts at the time, the name was. A very important and influential station founded in 1930, the station can trace its roots to Rádio Clube Português (RCP). When it was nationalized as part of the Carnation revolution, RCP existed until 1975. Apart from these, the channel was swallowed into RDP, and was later privatized on March 31, 1993, to the Correio da Manhã newspaper and then sold to Media Capital and PRISA.


The station focused on rock music from that time until 2003. Among the presenters, the mains are including Pedro Ribeiro, Vanda Miranda, Vasco Palmeirim, Nuno Markl, Ricardo Araújo, Pereira Catarina, Miranda João, Vaz Rita, Rugeroni Ana, Isabel Arroja, Marta Santos, Wilson Honrado, Staff João, Pedro Sousa, Nuno Luz, Mário Rui, Nuno Gonçalo, Ana Margarida, Ana Martins, Margarida Moura, Patrícia Pereira, António Dias, Cláudia Macedo, Paulo Miranda, Inês Cordeiro, Margarida Gonçalves, Joana Azevedo, etc.


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Rádio Comercial