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BBC Radio 1 one of the BBC’s top favorite radio stations that comes with a full-time National, Pop/Dance/R&B/Rock station very popular through the UK. It comes from the UK as it has been broadcasting on air and online. Its schedule consists of secular music programming, including National, Pop/Dance/R&B/Rock, but this radio channel is licensed as a music station, much of its schedule consists of secular music programming, including National, Pop/Dance/R&B/Rock. In addition to these, BBC Radio 1 also has several information-based programs that are of interest to its core demographic. These are including audience reports and many others wide range of subjects. But, BBC Radio 1 is a British radio station operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation which also broadcasts internationally, which is specializing in modern and current popular music and chart hits throughout the day.


Including electronic dance, hip-hop, rock, indie or interviews, Radio 1 provides alternative genres after 7:00 pm. although the average age of the UK audience in 2008 was 33; it is aimed primarily at the 15–29 age groups. It fulfills through Newsbeat bulletins throughout the day because Radio 1 has a public service broadcasting obligation to provide news. With Tina Daheley presenting during Radio 1’s breakfast hours, the main presenter is Chris Smith.


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BBC Radio 1