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Owned by Global and focused on alternative music, primarily indie rock, Radio X is a commercial radio station brand. As a rebrand of Xfm and superseded Xfm London and Xfm Manchester, Radio X launched nationally on 21 September 2015. Since it has gone on to even greater fame, the station has previously employed a number of DJs. Sammy Jacob and Chris Parry are the owner of Xfm and they were started it in London in 1992. After that, the station became full-time on 1 September 1997. Although during the following year the station played a range of music from its studios in 97 Charlotte Street, mass appeal was thwarted by the lack of awareness due to an unsuccessful marketing campaign.


In 2008 and 2015 respectively, Jacob would later go on to co-found NME Radio and CDNX (Camden Experience). But, Xfm was acquired by the Capital Radio Group (now part of Global Radio) that was relocated from Charlotte Street to Capital's headquarters at Leicester Square and Radio X remains based today in 1998. And Xfm was closed down for four days, during which a test tape featuring mainstream soft-rock acts was looped on 23 August of the same year. And now it’s one of the popular radio stations in the UK.


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Radio X