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France Bleu is one of the networks of local and regional radio stations in France, which is a part of the national public broadcasting group Radio France. As the network has a public-service mission to serve local audiences, it provides local news and content from each of its forty-four stations. A fusion of two older Radio France networks, Les locales de Radio France and Radio Bleue has created the radio in 2000. While the individual stations are each named for their respective coverage areas, usually a department, region, or city the flagship station in Paris goes by the name of France Bleu 107.1. Since June 2013, Claude Perrier has been director of the France Bleu network. After him, Philippe Chaffanjon (2012–13) and Anne Brucy (2010–12) were his predecessors.


Jacqueline Baudrier, Chief Director of Radio France created three new experimental local radio stations in 1980. Following the break-up of the state broadcaster ORTF, these stations were in complement to those already existing under the management of FR3 since 1975. With the number of stations reaching 40 by the 1990s Radio France assumed control of all stations in 1982. Achieving a 7.5% share and 330,000 new listeners the network achieved its record audience in April 2000.


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France Bleu