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France Inter is one of the major French public radio channels that’s a part of Radio France. Aiming to provide a wide national audience with a full service of news and spoken-word program it is a "generalist" station where both serious and entertaining, liberally punctuated with an eclectic mix of music. Also, it broadcasts on FM transmitters across France and via the internet when the radio channel France Inter announced during 2016 that the channel would discontinue transmitting on the 162 kHz frequency on the longwave seeking cost savings of approximately €6 million per year on 1 January 2017. As this time signal is critical for over 200,000 devices, which are deployed within French enterprises and state entities, like the French railways SNCF, the electricity distributor ENEDIS, airports, hospitals, municipalities, et cetera, the transmission of the atomic clock generated time signal from Allouis will be continued after this date on the 162 kHz frequency.


After following the end of World War II as "Paris-Inter" and charged with being French public radio's generalist (i.e. "full-service") service, France Inter was founded in the reorganization of state broadcasting. Although three years later one of France's most popular radio and television listings magazines was still showing the station's programs under the heading "Paris-Inter" with "France I" as a subtitle, the channel was renamed "France I" in 1958.


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France Inter