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Mouv', which was formerly Le Mouv' is one of the French youth-oriented radio stations and it began broadcasting on 17 June 1997. It’s a public radio station as part of Radio France centered on urban music and hip-hop, the station primarily plays youth-oriented music. It moved to Paris in December 2001 initially based in Toulouse. With its slogan Mouv on it, it relaunched on 2 February 2015. Its slogan L'esprit Rock was a way of life and a style as well as a type of music when previously the radio station assumed an alternative rock identity.


On 23 December 2014, Radio France registered the trademark "Mouv'" and its new slogan "Mouv on it" with the French Intellectual property office. With a new musical format focused of hip-hop and urban culture Le Mouv' changed its name to become simply Mouv' on 2 February. Before December 2016 it was set the goal of reaching 1% share of national listening, (approximately 500,000 listeners). The cost of running the station almost doubled (from 4.5 million Euros in 2004 to 8.7 million Euro in 2013) with the average age of their listener rose from 28 to 34. Whilst its running costs rose noted its frequent changes of direction cued a loss of listeners.


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Mouv fm