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Nostalgie is the way to go to discover the music your parents’ French pen pals may have listened. Much like RTL, Nostalgie plays a mix of French and English classics that were popular way back. You’re likely to hear just as much English as French with the classic Nostalgie station. Although it has a further advantage: the station offers a host of web radios, from the disco of the 70’s to the yayas of the 80’s, there’s even a special station devoted entirely to the best of French music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Nostalgie is absolutely the station for you if you’re into the oldies. As it’s mostly playing pre-2000s songs with 68% of them coming from the 1980s, Nostalgie is a popular French radio station broadcasting on FM.


Radio Nostalgie was developing a network in France and in 1986 the station was also broadcasting in Paris since 1985. Also, Radio Nostalgie was already developing abroad in countries such as Belgium, Lebanon, Portugal and Russia (Moscow) at this time. RMC retaining the remaining 51% and the group Générale Occidentale enters at 49% in the share capital in 1997. By broadcasting songs of the 1980s and entertainment programs by well-known hosts (Pierre Bellemare, Georges Beller, Lio, Pierre Galibert, etc), Nostalgie is focusing towards a younger format. The radio station started broadcasting its own TV station, Nostalgie la télé on 10 April 1997.



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