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Radio ALFA is one of the French radio stations that come with lusophonie and intercultural exchanges, which exists since 1987. For the Portuguese speaking communities, it’s the only radio that’s covering the whole of Paris / Ile de France, 24 hours a day on the FM 98.6 band. Mostly from Portugal, this particularity gives it a potential of 800,000 Portuguese-speaking listeners (speaking Portuguese). Via Canal Satellite (since September 26, 1997) and via the Internet (since December 1999), Radio ALFA broadened its broadcasting. Depending on the listening location and increase the number of potential listeners, these broadcasts can provide a reception alternative. Among the programs, the programming has a generalist characters, including musical programs, integrated writing for information in French and Portuguese.


As its auditors are mostly between 25 and 45 years old, a varied audience, family organization, more and more integrated and consumer in France. Based on folklore, dances, and music from different Portuguese regions, the number and quality of associations allow us to organize superb events. The popular event of Portuguese music, the Feast of Saints Popular is organized by Radio ALFA each year since 1989, which is the largest gathering of the Portuguese community in Europe. Apart from these, the areas of interest to our community include food, football, cars, national and international transport, marriage, building etc.



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Radio ALFA