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Radio Campus was created in 1998 as an internet radio station and it was a student radio station in Paris, which established a half-frequency on 93.9 FM in the Paris region in 2004 that it shares with Vivre FM. And it was maintaining their online broadcast 24-hours a day. The station prides itself on youth culture and eclecticism as a member of the Radio Campus France network hosts around 80 different programs in the 2017-18 seasons. With the aim of creating a new alternative media for all students in the Paris region, Radio Campus Paris was founded in 1998. As a strictly web-radio station, the station set up its studios at the Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes, in the 3rd arrondissement, broadcasting 24/7 in 2003.


The station emits from 5.30pm to 5.30am on the 93.9 FM frequencies in the Paris region after the CSA assigned a half-frequency to Radio Campus Paris on the Parisian FM band on September 23rd, 2004. Radio Campus Paris also broadcasts in Digital Terrestrial Radio on the multiplex 4 in Paris since June 2014. Using Real Audio, the site also provided a live stream to listen to the radio station on the Internet. These all made it so popular.


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Radio Campus Paris