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Radio Courtoisie is not only a French radio station but a cultural associative union created in 1987 by Jean Ferré. Declaring itself to be "open to all people of the political right, from François Bayrou to Jean-Marie Le Pen", Radio Courtoisie defines itself as the "free radio of the real country and the francophone world". Bernadette d'Angevilliers and Philippe Malaud, a former minister under Charles De Gaulle and Georges Pompidou, created Radio Solidarité, with the support of Yannick Urrien in September 1981. As this free radio station had associations with RPR and with the UDF, it was strongly opposed to the political left of François Mitterrand.

Ferré had been a founder with Louis Pauwels when he was a radio and television columnist for Figaro Magazine. Although his columns, frequently kind to Radio Solidarité, brought him to the notice of d'Angevilliers, he proposed radio collaboration with him. Ferré created the broadcast formula of the Libre Journal in May and June 1982. Based on a guest belonging to the political right it came with an hour and a half program each evening. After this formula would be taken up by Radio Courtoisie it was extended to three hours. In addition to this, Ferré proposed that the radio should be open to "all people of the right". Serge de Beketch was invited to direct a regular Wednesday evening broadcast following this as many others.

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Radio Courtoisie