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With retransmissions in various cities in France, Europe, and the Arab World, Radio Orient is an Arab international radio station based in Paris, France. This is the establishment of Lebanese media entrepreneur Raghid El Chammah in October 1981 that’s bought by Prime Minister Rafic Hariri on December 27, 1994. With some various programming and news in French language, it broadcasts mainly in the Arabic language. Created in 1992, and currently composed of 125 local radio stations in France, the French station is considered part of Les Indés Radios, a Groupement d'intérêt économique (Economic Interest Grouping). Because it’s mainly interested in the Arab World and Middle Eastern issues in addition to catering to Arab Diaspora and Muslim communities in France and Europe, it operates on basis of a moderate and tolerant Arab standpoint respectful of the laic traditions of France.


Although some news is rebroadcast from the Paris feed, the station also runs a parallel radio station also called Radio Orient in Lebanon, mostly with independent programming from the French station. On the other hand, its Lebanese studios are situated in the Lebanese capital Beirut. In addition to these, the areas of interest to our community include food, football, cars, national and international transport, marriage, building etc.



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Radio Orient