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Controlled by public broadcaster NPO, NPO 3 FM is a Dutch rhythmic CHR radio station that format is a combination of rock, pop, electronic, house and dance music. You may compare it with BBC Radio. NPO 3 FM was created as Hilversum 3 (later Radio 3) by the Minister for Culture and Social Recreation, Maarten Vrolijk, to counterbalance the popular new offshore stations such as Radio Veronica while launching on 11 October 1965 and it starts broadcasting the so-called vertical programming. NPO 3FM hosted radio shows by a different broadcaster daily (respectively: AVRO, VARA, EO+VPRO, TROS, Veronica, NCRV and KRO) with several broadcasters being awarded airtime based on the numbers of paying members they have, due to the nature of the Dutch public broadcasting system.


Because of this 'unpredictable' style and diversity, the station was quickly popular followed by the now legal Radio Veronica with a format based on Top 40-pop. As it mainly focused on a young audience with a mostly pop format, there was a clear identity. On 1 December 1985, Radio 3 added numerous FM frequencies. Overhauling its format drastically on 4 January 1992, the dawn of commercial competition and changing ideas about modern radio forced Radio 3.


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