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DaNu Radio is one of the US-based Russia radio stations. There are three categories in the current format of DaNu Radio, including talk radio, music programming, and the news with national and international headlines, lifestyle, and entertainment. Although the very unique characteristics of their market compel a wide variety of programming, their targeted listener is 20 to 65 years old with disposable income. With listener participation and call-in segments, all broadcasting on DaNu Radio is live. DaNu Radio takes you beyond a simple opportunity to reach the desired market segment through strong and multifaceted media when marketing to the Ethnic Russian consumers. Insuring maximum impact and ROI, their Marketing and Creative Development teams will guide your brand or a product in each stage of the client outreach.


Despite their experienced and American-educated professionals will insure that your message is not only translated into Russian, but it also adapted to the First and Second Generation Mentality, while staying faithful to your Brand Identity. This is mainly for those who are living in North America but originally from Russia. , North America has become home to over 6.5 million Ethnic Russians, with 1.6 million residing in the New York Tri-State area since the metamorphosis of the Soviet Union into a more open society.



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DaNu Radio