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Based in Moscow, Echo of Moscow is a 24/7 commercial Russian radio station. Through partnerships with local radio stations, and via the Internet, it broadcasts in many Russian cities, some of the former Soviet republics. The radio’s current editor-in-chief is Alexei Venediktov. During the events of the 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt, Echo of Moscow became famous. And at that time, it was one of the few news outlets that spoke against the State Committee on the State of Emergency and the Committee's decree number 3 on the suspension of Echo's broadcast is now regarded as a prestigious state award by the station's journalists.


The special KGB Alfa group made several attempts to cut the radio's access to the transmitter, but its employees managed to connect the studio directly to the transmitter through the telephone line and continue broadcasting according to Editor-in-chief Alexei Venediktov. All significant points of view about events should be presented from the first day of its existence Echo of Moscow adhered to one rule. As the station tries to represent different points of view, most of Echo of Moscow's content consists of news and talk shows focusing on social and political issues. The station was broken into by an assailant who pepper-sprayed a security guard and soon afterward stabbed Tatyana Felgengauer in October 2017.


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Echo of Moscow