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One of Russia’s first and most popular commercial radio stations is Europa Plus. It’s own by the European Media Group. And it starts broadcasting on April 30, 1990. among other formats, it’s mainly formatted with Hot AC/Top 40. not only in Russia, Europa Plus spans across Latvia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. This is because it is one of the world's largest radio networks. It is broadcasting on more than 230 transmitters, on 2 satellites: Intersputnik Express 6 and Intelsat 904. Apart from these, Europa Plus can be found in most towns in Russia, as well as usually rank within the top 3 radio stations in town.


In addition to replaying programming from the mothership station at 106.2 FM in Moscow, usually, Europa Plus in most towns will have some local programs. Hosted by DJ Suhov, DJ Viper and DJ Polina, Europa Plus is home to the international dance sensation "Garage" and "EuroMix". EuroMix and Garage swapped days and EuroMix now broadcasts for 6 hours instead of the original 2 hours after May 12, 2007. Europa Plus redesigned their website on May 14, 2007. Besides these, the radio station is also available on the internet. These all made NRJ as one of the popular radio stations in Russia.


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Europa Plus