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Belonging to the KISS Media group, which also owns Kiss FM, Hit TV and DKiss, Hit FM is a Spanish radio station with a musical theme. According to the EGM, its first broadcast was on 13 of April of 2010 and has an audience of 305,000 listeners. As it broadcasts a musical radio program in which commercial novelties, it successes of recent years are mixed. After a strong advertising campaign in the media and internet, the first broadcasts took place 13 of April of 2010. This chain was advertised as the first commercial station in Spain without advertising at its launch. Among their slogans, "20,000 songs without advertising" and "Non-stop music" are the main.


Focused on the young audience, the group's president, Blas Herrero, declared that the station worked as a complement to Kiss FM. The network used from the beginning social networks such as Tuenti, Twitter or Facebook that play a key role in the communication of the company with its listeners for this reason. With headquarters in Madrid, Hit FM broadcasts in different parts of the country. As its network of stations is expanding, recently incorporating new frequencies, it offers the best international pop, proving to be the national chain with more music and less.


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