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Nashe Radio that means their Radio and pronounced nush-eh is a Russian Rock music radio station, which was designed to promote Russian rock bands, as opposed to pop and Western music. Including the internet stream, Nashe is based in Moscow and broadcast in every major Russian city. Former Radio Maximum producer Mikhail Kozyrev was its founder and it was founded in 1998. When popular bands aired on Nashe include Zemfira, Aria, DDT, Kino, Splin, Bi-2, and many others, including Ukrainian and Belarusian bands, they are never considered foreign. Although the music style ranges from pop rock to heavy metal to folk rock and reggae, its mainstream is 80's style classic rock and modern pop punk.


Nashe Radio chart, "Chart Dozen" (Chartova duzhina, play on "Devil's dozen". It is the major rock music chart in Russia as the chart consists of 13 positions), updated weekly. Yearly results of the chart are celebrated in annual indoor "Chart Dozen" festival since 2003. Also, annual music award of the same name is presented to yearly chart winners on this festival since 2008. apart from these, Nashe Radio organizes the largest annual open-air rock festival in Russia, Nashestvie. With the notable exception of 2007, it has been held since 1999 and usually attracts from 50,000 to 100,000 spectators.


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Nashe Radio