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With a hint of rock, Atlantis FM music content is carefully chosen to include Europe-wide familiar songs. As it appeals to adults aged 30+, it results in Atlantis FM appeals to the majority of adults of mixed nationality living, working and visiting the highly popular southern and western coastal areas of Tenerife. In addition to these, it’s many regular on-line listeners across other parts of Spain and the United Kingdom. Since the playlist is extensive, whilst their music will be familiar, they guarantee at least once an hour to play something you won't have heard on the radio for ages. And if you simply click the listen to links at the top of this page then listen to Atlantis FM.


Even after many dozens of pages, it is unlikely they could do the subject appropriate justice, there is so much to tell about this beautiful island. In its place, they have chosen to provide a number of links to external websites covering the many aspects, not only of Tenerife but the Canary Islands. Although they have no specific affiliations with any of the external sites, these are just a tiny selection of those available. Please forward them for consideration if you have any suggestions for links to external sites. 


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