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formerly known as Radio Intercontinental, Radio Inter or La Inter is a Spanish radio station of a generalist nature, broadcast on Onda Media from Madrid at 918 KHz, but different frequencies on the FM and on the Internet. Owned by 96.7% of the Intereconomía Group, it belongs to the joint-stock company Compañía de Radiodifusión Intercontinental (CRISA). Its creator and subsequent President of Honor Ramón Serrano Súñer who was the former Foreign Affairs Ministers and brother-in-law of Francisco Franco and its first director Dionisio Ridruejo after the chain began broadcasting in February 1950.


It is counted on staff with speakers like José María de Olano, José del Palacio, and Enrique Maristany in its first years of existence. When the driving force of mythical spaces in the chain, such as The Car of Fortune or Roll the Ball, he assumed the management of the Alberto Domper radio station in 1959. Pepe Cañaveras (Ondas Award and Antena de Oro Award) produced the morning magazine "Primera Página" in 2001. It was the fifth most listened station in Spain, behind RNE , SER, Radiocadena Española and COPE with 798,000 listeners in 1981. The Intereconomía Group took control of the station, acquiring 96.70% of CRISA 3 and opening new frequencies for the rest of Spain in May 2009.


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Radio Inter