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Radio Intereconomía specialized in economic information, which is a Spanish radio station that broadcasts a thematic program. As a part of Intereconomía Corporación, it started its emissions in 1994. Radio Intereconomía began broadcasting in Madrid on October 7, 1994, using the modulated frequency of Radio Vinilo, a station owned by Radio Intercontinental was promoted by the entrepreneur Jesús Gasulla. The station was acquired by Monte Cañaveral SL (owned by 80% of the Zeta Group ) while publishing company of the economic publications La Gaceta de los Negocios y Dinero after an agreement between Gasulla and Antonio Asensio at the beginning of 1995. A stage of growth began, extending as a chain with frequencies throughout Spain with the arrival of Julio Ariza Irigoyen in 1997.


When the acquisition of other means the Fax Press agency or the Época magazine, it gives rise to the creation of the Intereconomía Group. Capital, directed and presented by Luis Vicente Muñoz, was distinguished with the Ondas Award one of the most veteran programs of the station in 2003. Radio Intereconomía and InterpopRadio, have merged into a single station called Radio Inter, as of February 13, 2014, the following stations coinciding with the national free end of Intereconomía TV's DTT. It stopped broadcasting on DTT through open national frequency on February 13, 2014.


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Radio Intereconomía