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Broadcasting sports information 24 hours a day, the Radio Marca is a Spanish radio station who has its origin in the sports information newspaper Marca. They form the World Brand currently with the newspaper and the web. After the merger of Recoletos and Unedisa, the station belongs to the Editorial UnitGroup and it turns to belong to the Italian group RCS MediaGroup and the current director of the chain is Eduardo García. As Radio Marca has local programming, such as Radio Marca Barcelona, it has been broadcast since 2004. With strong local programming since April 2015, the last station to join the brand spectrum was Asturias, with a broadcast from Oviedo and Gijón.


After stating its broadcast on February 1, 2001, it offers sports information, focusing on football, with retransmissions of matches, previous matches, gatherings, etc. In addition to these, it also deals with sports such as basketball, handball, motorcycling, motorsports, tennis, athletics, cycling, etc. New Spanish radio voices have been included since the 2007-08 seasons. Creating new thematic and also musical programs for the nights and the modification of some of the already existing schedules, there is a complete renewal of the programming and the sound and visual line of the station on January 11, 2017.


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Radio Marca