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WAMC is Albany based public radio network that has 12 broadcast radio stations (transmitters) and 16 broadcast relay stations (translators, repeaters).  As the organization's legal name is "WAMC", it is also known as "WAMC Public Radio" or "WAMC Northeast Public Radio." A performance venue in Albany located near its Central Avenue studios; the station operates The Linda/WAMC Performing Arts Studio. WAMC is charitable; educational is a member of NPR and affiliate of Public Radio International and American Public Media. For the fiscal year 2010, it had total annual revenues of $6.36 million. Including Anne Erickson, chair of the board of trustees, and Alan S. Chartock, president and chief executive officer (since 1981) are its corporate officers. As a radio station for the local hospital and medical school, Albany Medical Center and Albany Medical College, WAMC started in 1958.


Serving the upper Hudson Valley, and the medical school (with which it is affiliated) is one of the country's ACGME-accredited medical schools, Albany Medical Center is a large tertiary-care hospital. As the affiliation with Albany Medical Center was the source of the call letters WAMC, the station's 24/7 non-commercial classical music format served a large listener base and was popular among music aficionados. Although the station and the hospital/medical school have both long gone their separate ways, the earliest years also included broadcasts of health information and lectures from visiting professors.


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